The2Life - Organ Donation

The2Life - Organ Donation

About We are not a government agency, nor is it charity. We just one day to see the grim news coverage of organ donation in Hong Kong, and would like to voice for the patient. Want to pass you will leave footsteps, to join the organ donation hero ranks, creating more Second Life. Mission Perhaps we are now a step, not able to make you fill in the form of organ donation. But at least we can every day waiting for patients cohesion cheering sound to let more people know their urgent needs. Description Have you ever tried to count every day and how much time waiting for? Advancements in medical science, but the disease is organ failure, waiting is the only hope they continue to survive. Peak hours, bus and subway trips encryption, but the organ? Organ donation and gender, age or race restrictions. The only requirement is that you are willing to give others the opportunity to continue life and this willingness to record.

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