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Tech Cores

Tech Cores is a blog run by high school and college age students who have dedicated themselves to bringing the world the latest in technology news, rumors, and product releases. Whether it be the next best mobile phone news or a lesser known product, you can find news and reviews relating to all topics of technology on Tech Cores. Throughout the last year the Tech Cores team has poured blood, sweat, and countless gallons of coffee into the next iteration of our site. In the preliminary stages of brainstorming we started to notice a very static template that designers seem to subconsciously follow while formatting their blogs. It is this “template” that we tried to steer clear, in order to create a product truly different and truly amazing. We did so with some of the most advanced web technologies to date; including HTML5, CSS3, AJAX and the jQuery framework. These technologies in combination with a carefully crafted front end create a new and refreshed media experience.

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