The Brander

The Brander

The Brander: A new online magazine that portrays brands and their creators, launched by Zurich branding agency Branders. The Brander combines functionality with high-quality design. Clear structures and single-column texts enable easy orientation and cater to new reading habits. Image and text complement each other seamlessly. Extra photo galleries with exclusive pictures offer further insights. Latest social media techniques along with an iPad application enable comfortable reading. Additionally, the Brander was able to count on the support of Information Architects (iA) from Tokyo. The Brander provides in-depth articles, high-quality photographs, and footage, as well as large photo galleries to highlight the people and the story behind a brand. Because a good brand tells a story. The concept as an online magazine allows the topics and stories to be added on to continuously. And over time this will result in an encyclopedia about brands and their creators. A visual diary about the people whose brands make an impact on our world today.

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