Marketizator is conceived to be a complete conversion rate optimization tool that allows marketers to run and implement several types of tests using a single account without needing IT support. The 3 main features of Marketizator are: 1. AB testing that is really easy to implement using an intuitive WYSIWYG editor. The software allows for MVT tests also and for including multiple web pages in a single test. There is also an in-build statistical confidence calculator for test validation. 2. Online surveys that can be deployed either on exit or on load and that can use branching logic questions. All answers are included instantly in a visual and downloadable report. 3. Personalization is defined by a set of interactions such as: on exit, on load and on scroll banners (pop-ups, ribbons, interstitials etc) The AB tests, surveys and personalization elements can be deployed using advanced traffic segmentation criteria such as: traffic source, geolocation, local weather, visitor behaviour, cookies, UTM parameters etc.

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