Dennis Field

Dennis Field

My goal was to create a simple portfolio website that focused on one thing. To help me help others reach their goals. I've been helping students, designers, developers and entrepreneurs for years, so why not make a website dedicated to that? As far as design goes, I wanted to keep it simple. Most know me by my hat, beard and glasses. I've shown up to a meeting without all of those three things, and I'm not recognized. I've got a logo in the works that also plays off of this personal brand. The colors are also designed to just let my work and the call to action pop off the page. They also reflect my personal taste for more of a neutral color palette. As far as content goes, I really wanted this website to read as a reflection of where I've been and where I am planning to go in the future. For this concept to work it had to be clear and to the point. I hope you find this inspirational.

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